Cinelli Neo Morphe Carbon Bicycle Handlebar

We have redesigned the Neo Morphe bar to enhance four grip zones, making it more ergonomic and extremely comfortable to hold. Available sizes range from 38-44cm widths.

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Modern carbon handlebars with Italian heart and soul.

The best thing about them is not the carbon, which looks amazingly great, it is the hand positioning you'll have. From the palm rests during a relaxing part of the ride, or the drops in a more strenuous effort, these cover all the needs. I have them wrapped with Cinelli cork ribbon, adding to the full comfort effect. I decided to invest more into the handle bars by getting the Cinelli VAI stem, which is less expensive. It all looks and feels great. The quality is exquisite. Modern carbon handlebars with Italian heart and soul.

Neo-the one-morph bars

These bars good. These bars ride good. Fit hands good. Tape wrap kinda hard in handy fit places tho. But I still like good.


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