The Cinelli Pillar is made from lightweight 6061 aluminum and features an adjustable 2-bolt alloy clamp which allows easy fine tuning of the angle of the saddle as well as fore and aft position. It features handy height indications along the length of the post.

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Simple and effective

I'm building up a new track bike and needed a stiff and simple seat post; the Pillar is a perfect choice. Its a no-nonsense kind of post, the dual seat binder holds my saddle perfectly and the simple yet well-manufactured post is plenty stiff. I really like the white version, the seta height markings are clear and easy to read; all in all its a great post. So why only 4 stars? I would prefer that it be a bit longer; I feel like there's plenty of post in the frame but another 50mm would make this the perfect seat post.


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