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Supercorsa Cinelli is the most iconic steel frame in the world and has been produced seamlessly for 70 years.

The first Supercorsa was designed by Cino Cinelli together with his frame builder, Luigi Valsasina, in the early 1950s. Its stated goal was "the perfect functional harmony between the three main parts of the frame: fork, main triangle and chainstays". This harmony was to be achieved through a skilful combination of stiffness, elasticity, aerodynamics and aesthetics and each part was designed to contribute to the fulfillment of the radical criteria of Cino, the stubborn perfectionist.

After 15 years of experimenting and perfecting what he called the most 'philosophical' piece among those produced by the brand, Cino and Valsasina arrived at the iconic solution still today the Supercorsa: the proprietary inclined fork head, the special exclusive saddle clip, pointed conjunctions and the perfect Italian track geometry.

Since then - we are in the mid-60s - Supercorsa has undergone only two major changes: a new frame graphics designed by the Milanese legend, Italo Lupi, in 1979, to complement the brand's new revolutionary design, its "winged C"; and again, in 1984, the introduction of the Cinelli Spoiler badge under the bottom bracket, the only micro-cast part of a frame to receive a patent.

Other minor changes to the frame involve hidden and discreet technological updates to materials and manufacturing techniques, which ensure that the original ride quality and aesthetics remained respectfully unchanged.

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