Fresh new take on the iconic Columbus Logo for the upcoming 100th anniversary of the company. Design by the CInelli Design Team in Milano.

Color: red
100% Cotton


The story of the most famous steel tubes in the history of cycling began in 1919 when A.L. Colombo founded his steelery with the ambition to “to do business in iron and steel and make a fair and honest profit”.  In the 1930s Colombo created the name Columbus for cycling specific tubes: producing the first reinforced tubes with a tapered thickness made of molybdenum chrome steel in the history of cycling, as well as the first cold-rolled elliptical fork blades. 

In 1977 Antonio Colombo separated Columbus from the main steelery A.L. Colombo in order to concentrate solely on high-performance cycling tubing.  The result was the history of cycling as we know it: legendary tubesets AIR, MAX (first tube-set to break the tradition of conventional diameters and introduce concept of orientated ellipses and differentiated sections), SL, SLX, NIVACROM (EL and Genius), Altec, Starship and Spirit right up to the most 2009’s XCR, the world’s first ever seamless stainless steel tubeset which allows for the production of a steel frame competitive (and out-performing in some categories) at the highest level of the sport on all levels: weight (sub-1400g), rigidity, fatigue resistance and of course the remarkably superior handling of steel.

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To whom it may concern.

I usually dont buy things from the internet as a rule because I like to try things on, look at them, touch them, etc., every time I make an exception I grit my teeth till my order arrives. I was and am very happy with the shirt, especially the material itself. The weave is not too thick that it's uncomfortable to wear in hot weather and it is not thin enough that it will ruin if you machine wash it. Come winter I can easily throw this over a thermal base layer for some pop. Thank you!


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