Brooklyn to Montreal Trip

By: Ben Jorian

My goal was to ride my Cinelli Vigorelli unassisted and fixed gear (48x18) with no brake from Brooklyn to Montreal in 5 days. I left Fort Greene, Brooklyn at 8am on Monday and arrived in Montreal at 8pm on Friday. I made 4 overnight stops along the way and averaged 90 miles of riding per day with an average elevation gain of 2800 feet per day.

I wanted to do this ride, because a lot of people said it would be too difficult or too dangerous on a fixed gear bike with no brake. Therefore, I wanted to prove to myself and to others that it is very safe and possible to ride fixed gear bicycles long distances. I chose to ride Cinelli, because my Vigorelli has served as a reliable and high quality frame for years on the NYC streets. The trip was a success, and I couldn't be happier knowing I made the journey.

Ben Jorian


Stage 1 - Brooklyn NY to New Paltz NY.

Stage 2 - New Paltz NY to Renselear NY.

Stage 3 - Renselear NY to Rutland VT.

Stage 4 - Rutland VT to Burlington VT.

Stage 5 - Burlington VT to Montreal Canada.