Cinelli Nemo Tig

By: Chris Ballard

The Nemo TIG is Cinelli’s latest Made in Italy high-performance steel road frame. It looks and rides the way in which the legendary Supercorsa – the world’s longest-running production steel frame – might have looked had it been designed for racing today rather than in the 1950s.

The first prototypes of this frame were born according to the specifications of a recently retired Italian professional rider working at Cinelli who, seduced by the Columbus tubing being manufactured on the factory floor attached to the Cinelli offices, demanded that Cinelli produce a pure racing steel frame that took full advantage of the latest advances in high tech steel tubing manufacturing.

Accordingly, the Nemo has been designed for riders used to riding high-end carbon fiber racing frames, unwilling to sacrifice “race feeling”, but looking for something incomparably pleasurable to ride in the way only a steel frame can be. It employs custom-shaped Columbus Spirit triple-butted tubes (the seat stays, for example, are the identical shape of those found on the original 1981 Cinelli Laser road model), with a highly contemporary 44mm mega-oversized downtube, conical CNC’d head tube and Columbus’ latest Futura straight blade monocoque carbon fiber fork.

In the spirit of its older cousin, the Supercorsa, the Nemo is available not only made-to-measure but also in 60 different color options.

Chris Ballard thoughts on the Nemo Tig

"You hear steel race bike and you are not exactly sure what to expect. We think of steel bikes as comfort machines and race bikes as ultra stiff rocket ships. This bike somehow encompasses both.

Sprinting up a steep kicker, the BB is rock solid with no movement; bombing down the hill, the stiffness of the head tube gives you confidence to rail the corners. These are the hallmark characteristics of a race bike, yet when cruising down city streets the bike does not feel like it. The ride is smooth; the frame flexes to bumps quieting the cables and other bits from rattling. You brace yourself for some torn up pavement, but the bike feels like it is gliding over it. It is an incredible combination; a bike that can be comfortable riding around the city (let alone just out of and back into)yet still offers all of the performances advantages one needs. It is a true all-rounder.

And just like the rides is both performance and comfort, the fit tries to do the same; it is decidedly in the middle. This allows an adjustment in stem length and angle to make this bike fit as comfortable or aggressive as you want."

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