Michigan Cinelli USA Ambassador and his Vigorelli Road

By: Shawn Anderson

Hello! My name is Substance (@subpedals) I’m an urban cyclist and member of bikes & murder bike club in Detroit Michigan. I recently was given the opportunity by CinelliUSA to become an ambassador. This opportunity has been life changing! Up until a few months ago I only rode fixed-gear track bikes, I always dreamed of owning a Cinelli.

After a lot of thought I decided to build my first road bike. I chose a cinelli vigorelli steel road frame and built it with custom picked components. Metropolis Cycles here in Detroit built it for me, with precision. Everywhere I go cyclists and pedestrians alike comment on my cinelli! It gives me a great feeling of pride, my track bikes seem to be gathering a little dust as of late :). I can’t get over the freedom of having multiple choices in gearing, I've also started rising clipless which is also a full on game changer!

Take it from me, a cinelli bicycle is not your average bicycle. It’s a work of art. A machine that is built strictly for performance and speed! Whenever I have a bad day, or just want to get out in the wind, my vigorelli patiently awaits! I’m proud to call myself a USA ambassador for Cinelli USA!