My Cinelli Fitness Journey

By: Danny Crespo

Hello, my name is Danny Crespo and I am 39 yrs young. Let me tell you a little bit of my background. A little over two years I was severely morbidly obese that it caused me to end up in the hospital with a perforated colon due to diverticulitis. My abdomen was cut open from top to bottom. Due to complications I ended up with a colostomy bag, a wound vac and couldn't even walk. I weighed roughly 420 lbs. Fast forward 8 months later after I had returned to work for 2 weeks I ended up in diabetic coma for 4 days with a sugar of 1650. I was never diagnosed with diabetes before. I was really sick and a train wreck due to the fact that I lost my career of twelve 12 yrs due to running out of sick time. But that's enough of me. Fast forward to 120 lbs down and my diabetes on the verge of being completely reversed.

When I first heard about that Cinelli made a gravel bike ( The "Zydeco"), I was really intrigued. I was looking for a gravel bike due to the fact that I am obese and refuse to buy a hybrid or a mountain bike( they are both great types of bikes but not for me). Wide tires, disc brakes, and a sexy paint job ( for the record the photos don't do it justice ). It has the sex appeal that an Italian bike is supposed to have ( the bike romanced me ). This bike is like no other. It truly inspired me to want to ride. I literally just received the bike in the mail last Monday ( which came 80% assembled by the way ). It took me a couple of hours to assemble and fit the bike to my specs.

Instead of just letting the bike just sit for me to look at like a statue, I decided to see when the next upcoming bike tour was and saw that it was this Sunday. There was a "Gran Fondo" going on near me (Bay2Bay). I chose the 26 mile route since I've ridden more than that amount before on my other bike. But it's been a few months because I had abdominal surgery in which they reversed my colostomy bag and removed a large hernia from my abdomen as well ( actually I'm still wearing the abdominal binder that I'm supposed to wear till the Doctor clears me to be able to work again). So it's safe to say that I wasn't ready physically ready , but I was 110% ready mentally because I had done more miles before, but I didn't want to overdue it. Let me get back to the main topic (LOL). The bike rode beautifully.Those 40 cm wide tires with max 50 psi (supple life) really helped with all the imperfections of the road. The 160 mm cable actuated disc brakes really aided in helping stop considering my heavy weight. The compact crankset ( 50/34 chainrings ) and the 11-32 rear cassette really helped me with hill climbing. Honestly I only had to walk up one hill in the beginning because I didn't get my speed up before the hill (LOL). The 10 speed Shimano Tiagra groupset worked flawlessly. I didn't even have to adjust it. It came that way from the factory. The fact that it has provisions for fenders and racks will inspire me to do some touring in the near future as well. I will definitely put some road tires on it at some point to see how fast this bike will truly go (century training).

In conclusion I really really really am happy that I purchased the Cinelli Zydeco. It is beauty, functionality and fun. It's not your typical cookie cutter big 3 bike company bike ( if you know what mean ). And the compliments I get on it make me want to ride it everyday. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Cinelli USA for allowing me the opportunity to ride such an amazing machine. I will definitely do more business with you guys in the future. And will definitely rep and refer you guys to the fullest. Thanks again for helping me with "My Cinelli Fitness Journey".

Satisfied Customer,

Danny Crespo