The Man And His Passion

By: Luca Salvadeo

My name is Luca Salvadeo

I rode my first race on 04-25-1971 (Liberation Day from the Nazi occupation), when I was 5 years old.

My first successful victory came the week after. 

and a few time later I won the first race on the track, in the historic Vigorelli of Milan.

Probably just after my victory on the track born my passion for a fixed gear.

From that moment I rode in all European velodromes.

I have always known CINELLI brand, for which I admire so much.
Mr. Colombo some time ago, he told me: I want you as Cinelli ambassador; invents a strange race.
My collaboration with Cinelli started like this.
I participated (and won) the Milano Sanremo race with Cinelli Vigorelli fixed gear (the other competitors had normal road bikes), you can see the video in this link

Last year, I was the first person to make the hourly record behind derny at the hourly average of 60.217 km / h.
I have donated all the money earned to Dynamocamp, a non-profit organization that deals with children with cancer, you can see the video in this link

I continue to make fixed gear races, waiting to invent something new.

Greetings to the Cinelli Family