Superstar reinterprets, to the highest degree of innovation of carbon fiber, the legendary Italian racing bike, Cinelli that embodies heritage and the brand's DNA.
Unlike other brands that offer bicycles with an increasingly small use each year, Cinelli has developed Superstar with a maniacal attention to how the intrinsic qualities of carbon fiber and the production processes could be used to make an edition tremendously contemporary of the legendary Italian “Grand Tour” quality in the saddle: an intelligent balance of lightness, perfect maneuverability on all surfaces and comfort over long distances.
So Superstar, not only does it adhere to the traditional Italian racing geometry (72.5 ° steering tube and 415 mm rear low), but it is also characterized by:
The shape of the frame, which allows a very high precision in drawing up the different layers of carbon in the process of production (it is interesting, for example, to notice how the tangent lines that join the horizontal and the oblique to the steering tube allow the fiber to develop in all its length, thus offering the best possible weight-stiffness ratio).
The horizontal tube with the innovative cusp, which works by compensating for the typical deformations of the head tube when the frame is subjected to sudden vertical or horizontal forces due to holes or very damaged road surface. The controlled deformation keeps the head tube 8% more parallel to the original shape, thus allowing better control and greater maneuverability in harsh and uneven conditions.
The use of both external polyurethane molds and - which is more unique than rare - internal, during the hardening process, to obtain the greatest compression of the fibers with the least use of resin, thus ensuring a longer life and reliability of the frame over time .


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SKU: BI4002-GreyStreet
Sizes: XS (46) - S (48) - M (51) - L (54) - XL (57)
Frame: Columbus Carbon Monocoque
Headset: IS 42 / 28.6 | IS 52/40 (included)
Seat Post: 27,2mm
Seat Clamp: 31,8mm (included)
BB Shell: Press Fit 86.5x41
Front Derailleur: Derailleur Braze-on
Cable Routing: Full Internal Routing - Di2 / EPS Compatible
Color: Gray Street
Tire Clearance: up to 700x28c
Fork: Columbus Futura Disc 1-1 / 8 "- 1-1 / 2" Monocoque
Weight: Frame 1140g / Fork 440g (uncut)
Brake: Flat mount disc brake Rotor size up to 160mm
Spacing Hub: Rear TA Ø12x142mm / L167mm skewer Front TA Ø12x100mm / L119mm skewer
Features: GCD / OCR / CCL


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